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Unique Wedding Venue Near Rochester NY

Escape into the beautiful scenery of Upstate New York without traveling far from home. Your wedding should encapsulate you and your partner’s unique love for each other.

With the Lodge at Shadow Hill, you can make those dreams a reality, choosing stargazing evenings looking out over the natural wooded forest and pond, or a cozy indoor evening full of laughter and games with your guests.

As one of the top unique wedding venues Rochester NY has to offer, the Lodge is a truly exquisite destination.

Your Wedding

Your Way

A Memorable Moment Is Awaiting You

As an all-inclusive venue, the entire property is yours for the day. Choose your own catering, set your own itinerary, and explore the mile of property at your own pace. Classy Adirondack styling meets a natural landscape to enhance the beauty of your day.

We believe that your day should be what you want to make it. The Lodge gives you a rustic but high-end aesthetic to host your event at, designed with turn-of-the-century Rochefeller and Biltmore barns in mind.

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The Lodge only allows one event on any given day. The entire property will only be available to you and your guests to enjoy.


All amenities are located at least a quarter mile from the road in the middle of our pristine woods, with no neighbors in sight.

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At The Lodge, we know this is your special day. We will work with you or your event planner to make sure it is all you dream of.

The Venue

A Foundation to Build Your Memories Upon

The Lodge at Shadow Hill comes with everything you need to make the most out of your big day, including a high-end AV setup for laptops or a big-screen television. You and your guests can enjoy the day and evening alike with an outdoor tennis court, pickleball, shuffleboard, foursquare, and an outdoor fire pit.

Best of all, explore the mile of roads and trails throughout the wooded property, including a 3-acre pond. An electric shuttle is on-site and available for use to shuttle your guests around to photo destinations across the property.

For the catering team, a kitchen is available to heat and prepare food for the guests, and a licensed and stocked bar is available on-site for couples who choose to hire bartenders.

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Make the Most Out of Your Day

Every part of the Lodge comes together to create a high-end Adirondack venue that provides you and your guests with utmost privacy and quiet, while remaining accessible right from Route 104.

Out-of-town guests can even enjoy shuttle service from nearby Webster hotels, making their stay in town an exquisite experience even before the ceremony begins.

Two ceremony sites provides a unique space for your wedding either outdoors or under a beautiful covered pavilion, providing you with multiple options in case of inclement weather.

Beautiful Upstate New York Scenery 

Everything you need for the event is already on-site, providing you with a diverse range of both hardwood and evergreen forest backdrops for your big day.

Next to the oversized Lodge with every high-end detail carefully sculpted from natural materials, the pond is a wonderful attraction, including a beautiful, rustic bridge that is frequently featured in local magazines and newspapers.

Throughout the property, there are dozens of photo opportunities for you and your guests to experience, creating the memories of a lifetime.

Maple Syrup Facility and Apple Orchard

Explore the small apple orchard on-site, perusing through the rows as you and your guests take in the scenery of a quintessential Adirondack family orchard, most popular in the fall when the apples ripen.

As a working maple syrup facility, the hill comes alive as the maples begin to produce syrup throughout March, when the venue is converted into a storage and processing center. This provides the Lodge with a rich, maple scent throughout the rest of the year.

Private Upscale Rustic Interior 

Every part of the Lodge is designed with authentic natural materials, showcasing the most unique architecture of upstate New York. The easy-access but private and quiet location is a favorite in summer, fall, and winter alike.

With a two-and-a-half story fireplace complimenting the interior of the Lodge, guests are free to lounge and enjoy the cozy interior or explore the interconnected property at their leisure. A truly luxurious multi-room experience that allows everyone to feel comfortable.

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The Bridal Suite

As a part of the interior experience of the Lodge, there is a separate bridal suite available for preparations leading up to the ceremony. Here, the bride can relax with the bridal party and prepare for their big day while enjoying the same rustic and cozy interior that the rest of the Lodge provides.

Because the property is yours for the day, you get to choose how long, or how little time you spend in the bridal suite, whether you have your hair and makeup done in the suite, or if you simply wait for guests to seat themselves before walking down the aisle.

Your Ceremony

Every natural element of the Lodge and the landscape it is on provides a beautiful backdrop to any wedding. With chairs and tables included in the venue package for both the ceremony and the reception, you have your choice of the kind of ceremony you want.

You can have the ceremony inside the Lodge itself surrounded by its cozy interior, or outdoors surrounded by the breathtaking Upstate New York scenery. For outdoor weddings with an uncertain outlook on the weather, an outdoor covered pavilion is provided, creating a space where the best of both worlds meet.

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Food & Beverage

Couples have their choice of caterers as the Lodge has an on-site kitchen. Alternatively, instead of drop-and-go catering, the Lodge provides full-service catering to provide guests with the most exquisite experience.

Beverages are served by the couples’ choice of vendor, and the Lodge has a liquor license for the on-site bar, providing bartending vendors with a designated space to set up and serve guests.

What Our Guests Are Saying

Choose the Lodge at Shadow Hill

The Lodge at Shadow Hill is a cost-effective and truly unique wedding destination or corporate lounge location with quiet, private scenery that is easy to access from Rochester.

With an exquisite location in Upstate New York, it is one of the most photographed properties of all other local venues; truly an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. With so many options to explore across the property, the interconnected layout allows guests of large weddings and corporate getaways to relax and have a good time.

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