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Corporate Events Near Rochester NY

Booking a corporate event at the Lodge at Shadow Hill is a great way to raise company morale and encourage bonding across the whole team.

Rochester is known for its bustling corporate environment, but also for its sprawling natural scenery. Make the most of that scenery by booking a corporate event at a venue close to headquarters. With the Lodge at Shadow Hill, we are proud to provide a unique space for your next corporate event.

Not only are there outdoor and indoor spaces available, but your rental covers the entire property – yours for the whole time. Everything you need for your event is already on-site, allowing you to make this outing an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Customize Your Day

At Shadow Hill Lodge

At Shadow Hill, we provide a unique corporate event experience where there’s no limit on the amount of activities or the number of people you can bring. A one-of-a-kind rustic lodge serves as a working apple farm and maple syrup facility with a turn-of-the-century appeal.

With a structure made from purely natural materials, it’s the perfect escape from the corporate office after a tiring quarter. In the lodge itself, there is a welcoming 5000 square feet of space for everyone to gather and socialize, as well as an extensive outdoor space nestled into 50-acres of picturesque Upstate New York woods.

As the old saying goes, work hard – play hard. A relaxing getaway like this is essential for growing team morale and recharging for the upcoming season.

With such a large space, it caters to all types of corporate event goers whether they prefer to hang around and chat with others or get their game on at the outdoor court. The outdoor court includes tennis, pickleball, shuffleboard, foursquare, and there’s an additional outdoor fire pit and pavilion for relaxing and eating.


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The Lodge only allows one event on any given day. The entire property will only be available to you and your guests to enjoy.

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All amenities are located at least a quarter mile from the road in the middle of our pristine woods, with no neighbors in sight.


At The Lodge, we know this is your special day. We will work with you or your event planner to make sure it is all you dream of.

Your Event Your Way

Corporate Outings and Staff Events

Corporate outings and staff events are the perfect excuse to get teams to collaborate with each other and work together better over the next year. It’s also an excellent way to showcase the company’s successes or highlights over the previous year and acknowledge the hard work and dedication that your employees have to the company.

With the Lodge at Shadow Hill, we are happy to provide a unique space for any type of outing, allowing you to make the event unique to your company’s culture. A free-form event with the ability for employees and teams to make their own customizable experience is the perfect opportunity to encourage self-driven motivations and a better working environment for the year to come.

Shadow Hill Lodge interior

Why Invest in Hosting a Corporate Event?

4 Key Benefits of Corporate Outings

Company culture is an essential part of any thriving business, and it’s important that employees feel appreciated, as well as the ability to get creative and socialize with their team members. Even better if the venue, like the Lodge at Shadow Hill, has access to both indoor and outdoor spaces so employees can enjoy their choice of activities throughout the day.

There are a lot of benefits to corporate outings, but four top benefits take the cake. Those are team bonding time, the ability to recharge from a tough quarter, increased professional growth and morale, as well as more motivation in the upcoming year.


Team Bonding Time

It’s important that teams that work together in the workplace have context for how everyone collaborates outside of the workplace as well.

Furthermore, team bonding time is an excellent way to encourage cross-team communication and interaction, especially if it’s two teams in the company that may not interact often. This can forge new bonds and encourage healthier work dynamics.

Recharge from a Tough Quarter

Relax and unwind after a tough quarter where all the presentations were due. Not only does this help everyone loosen up before the upcoming year, but it’s a great reward for all the employees who worked hard during the previous year.

Growth and Increased Morale

Seeing coworkers outside the work environment can lead to healthier and more kind communication in the workplace long after the event is done. Not only do corporate events help facilitate personal and professional growth, but you can expect increased morale as everyone starts looking forward to the next fun event.

More Motivation

It’s no secret that employees who feel appreciated and recognized are much more motivated to get their work done. That motivation often translates directly into their productivity and their work ethic. In short? Corporate events like this are one of the secrets to long-term employees.

Private Upscale Rustic Interior 

Every part of the Lodge is designed with authentic natural materials, showcasing the most unique architecture of upstate New York. The easy-access but private and quiet location is a favorite in summer, fall, and winter alike.

With a two-and-a-half story fireplace complimenting the interior of the Lodge, guests are free to lounge and enjoy the cozy interior or explore the interconnected property at their leisure. A truly luxurious multi-room experience that allows everyone to feel comfortable.

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Corporate Event FAQ

How Do You Make a Corporate Event Fun?

Making a corporate event fun is important to ensure everyone stays engaged with the event. Take plenty of breaks and free time between items on the itinerary to ensure employees have a chance to do something freeform, while providing the background activities that provide an excuse to socialize. This can be anything from a game of pickleball, to photo props and a photography station.

Most of all, don’t be afraid to get creative with the event, and choose a venue where there’s no stress over the amount of time your company can be there. A company activity is different from a corporate event, so ensure you get the venue for the whole day to make it your own.

What Should Be Included in a Corporate Event?

When thinking about what should be included in a corporate event, be sure to set aside time for a true celebration of the year and all the hard work your employees have accomplished.

This might include an awards ceremony, or a highlight from a recent product launch – something that acknowledges all the hard work your employees have put into making the company a successful venture over the past year.

For much of the event, however, it’s important to allow your employees to socialize and engage with the setting in the ways that they want. Too structured of an itinerary will leave people feeling bored and obligated to be there, rather than engaging and enjoying their time.

Leave plenty of the day alone for play, and provide plenty of exercises for employees to do that encourage socialization both within their team, and across teams. With the Lodge at Shadow Hill, we have plenty of outdoor space, including a play court that can accommodate tennis, racketball, pickleball, shuffleboard, and many other types of activities.

How Do You Create a Corporate Event?

When considering how to create a corporate event, it’s important to first determine your goals and objectives for the event. This can help inform any reason behind the gathering, as well as several activities that you may want to bring or encourage during the event.

Every event also has a theme and creative direction behind it, even if it’s a subtle one. For example, one year might be an interactive activity but the overall theme can include team building and bonding, or getting to know your co-workers better.

These kinds of events are great at bringing the team closer together and fostering communication, and cooperation throughout the rest of the year.

Once you have the creative direction, you can set a budget and get approval from any stakeholders. At that point, it’s time to set a date, time, and location. With the Lodge at Shadow Hill, we are open for most of the year and have a beautiful location no matter the season as one of the most photographed local venues in the region.

Team Building Activities & Ideas

If your company wants to build specific team building activities into the itinerary, there’s a couple of fun ideas that can be done anywhere across our venue, with as much or as little time as you want to devote to it. Some team building activities may require some props and planning ahead of time that you will need to bring to the venue, while others only require a little imagination or an internet connection – also available at the Lodge.

  • Blind Drawing
  • Puzzles
  • Office Trivia
  • Book Club
  • Board Games
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Murder Mystery
  • Escape Room
  • Cooking Class

With any or all of these ideas, you can make the day your own with a unique experience to your corporate culture.

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What Our Guests Are Saying

Choose Shadow Hill for the Ultimate Customizable Experience

The Lodge at Shadow Hill is a beautiful and picturesque property nestled into 50 acres of woods, featuring a scenic bridge, an outdoor play court, outdoor fire pit and natural turn-of-the-century lodge for indoor space.

A unique setting for any type of event, corporate events can become more freeform and customizable, with no time limit or strict itinerary, perfect for businesses looking for a different experience that can truly engage all team members and employees.

We believe that your event should happen your way. We’d love to see your company for your next corporate event. Get in touch to book your dates today and see the difference that The Lodge at Shadow Hill makes in your company.

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